NEW 20x30' Canopy Pole Tent with Water Proof Top for Parties Weddings and Events

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20' x 30' Weekender Standard Canopy Pole Tent White

Our 20x30' Weekender Party Economy Pole Tent can cover from a 50 people sit-down dinner to 120 people cocktail style party. The tent weighs only 154 lb. and requires only 2 person to set-up and pack-up with minimum tool. The translucent 14 oz. top is one of our best quality, waterproof and fire retardant. Durable galvanized steel push pin poles provides a safe reliable structure for the tent. The weekender pole tent is ideal for casual gathering, backyard party, vendor booths, flea market or any other trade show.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 - Single-piece Tent Top
  • 1 - Complete Tent Pole Set
  • 14 - Steel Angle Tent Stakes
  • Durable PE storage bag

Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty


  • One-piece top
  • Our best quality, 14 oz. translucent vinyl
  • Each side pole is 2 piece and 7 feet high, 1.25 inch diameter
  • Each center pole is 4 piece and 12.5 feet high, 1.75 inch diameter
  • All panels are bonded with 1" heat-sealed overlapped seams
  • Reinforced aluminum plates sewn into top all points for heavy duty installation
  • Plastic tension block included for tightening tent ropes.
  • Scalloped valances bond with vinyl binding
  • Sidewall rope permanently installed
  • Guy ropes and jump ropes are spliced in at each pole location
  • Includes durable PE storage bag for top and poles
  • Heavy duty 2-piece 1.25" steel side poles
  • Heavy duty 4-piece 1.75" center poles
  • Steel angle tent stakes

Item Specs:

  • Brand Party Tents Direct
  • Size 20 x 30 ft.
  • Capacity 50 people for a sit-down dinner
  • 60 people for a buffet-style dinner
  • 75 people for cathedral (row) seating
  • 120 people for a cocktail party
  • Side Height 7 ft.
  • Center Height 12.5 ft.
  • Color White
  • Frame Galvanized Steel
  • Top 14 oz Translucent Vinyl
  • Resistant to Fire, UV, Water, Mold, Mildew
  • Stakes 14 angled steel stakes included
  • Tent Weight 154 Lb.
  • Warranty 1 Year