Liquidation Strategy Consultation ON SITE asset selling service, 350 mile radius

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Cardinal Selling Services will meet with your team or owner to discuss Cardinal liquidation options and strategies.

   Let us assist your team in online selling with results!



Important discussion points:  Age of the assets to be sold/removed.

                                           Current market demand for said products.

                                           Assistance with removal of assets.

                                           Any issues with performance of items being sold.

                                           Current Marketing Strategies implemented to sell assets.

                                           Timeline for asset removal.


  STOP .. If you have not discussed this offer and been 'pre-qualified' with Cardinal Selling Services, please make a phone call to discuss your needs, a custom offer will be sent with this ad being referenced to start the process.


Once we meet, we will send a proposal by email customized to fit your needs where both parties sign off as acceptance of the liquidation agreement.  We may offer consulting services upfront, or consulting and commissioned brokerage sales if distance allows.


Please be sure we have your current email.  Email us at (or if you are working with the owner.) -

  We need 90 days to sell most any asset lot for optimum return for both parties included, however we can work with you on a strategy regardless of timeframe for removal.

   NOTE: Be prepared to send first quality photos of all items if requested.

     We only operate on full disclosure of any asset you wish for us to sell, condition and damage must always be disclosed. 

We will need an accurate, complete inventory with model information, measurements and age of items ideally .. photos can work in a short time frame to get the process moving more quickly.



  Our goal is to support your business, with needed removal services while assisting other small businesses with great assets for their operation.


For more information, contact us at 812-998-2090.