2013 Axis A22 Wake Boat Black with Blue trim, trailer

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The Axis A22 throws out some of the best wakeboard and wakesurf wakes in the Axis lineup.   Originally Pro Boarder Nick Canker’s sponsored boat, this beautiful two owner 2013 Axis A22 is in great shape inside and out and has only 288 hours.  Per seller, the boat has always been kept covered after every use. Cleaned in and out. The boat is immaculate. Needs nothing.  The HI FLO Wakebox Ballast System pumps and hoses decrease your fill and drain time dramatically providing quick weight adjustments on the fly. Included is the optional Plug N Play ballast option for an additional 800 pounds in the rear and 950 pounds up front.  

A few of the standard features include:  coveted Indmar Monsoon 330 SS CAT Engine, Skybox Slide Seating, Stereo with 4 cabin speakers, FatAX Wakeboard Tower with wakeboard storage and Tower Speakers, Swivel Seat, Wedge/Shark Fin, Above-engine Bin, AXray Kick Panels, Storage LED Lighting, Panoramic mirror with a 140-degree view and Locking Glove Box.  Options also include: Wakebox Ballast System, Cruise Control , and Bimini Top.

The package is complete with a 24’ Dual Axle Trailer with surge brakes, a total boat cover and accessories such as wakeboard, fire extinguisher, inflatable towable, ropes and life jackets.

We will be glad to take you out for a short run at the local lake before finalizing purchase.  Since 2006 Cardinal Selling Services has been selling valuable items for local clients, we plan to make this transaction a smooth one.  Bank lien will be released with sale proceeds, and a purchase agreement, bill of sale and clear title will be given within 10 days of payment/sale.



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Skybox Slide Seating

The Skybox Slide. More fun than line-dancing, but just as social. The Team at Axis Wake Research has analyzed the riding lifestyle and built the A22 to accommodate the rider as well as those along for the ride. No more contorting your body and straining your neck to see the rider when you're in the back seat. Axis has designed Skybox seating to slide from the rear of the lounge to the center so those in the back of the bus can face the action or kick back for a cruise. It's their choice. This Axis-exclusive seating configuration transforms to fit the riding situation and gives you the opportunity to place passenger weight where you need it to fine-tune wake.

Wakebox Ballast System

The Wakebox Ballast System is included with the A22 and is a sub-floor wake enhancement system  The Wakebox is comprised of ballast tanks mounted below the floor in the boat. These tanks are filled and drain with a set of switches at the dash so the driver can customize the weight based on passenger positioning.

Dual Axle Trailer

The A220 Trailer is a dual axle trailer with surge brakes. This trailer has LED lighting and radial tires.

Above-engine Bin

The A22 is as intuitive in its design as it is accommodating with its storage. The riding lifestyle is social and with a crew of people comes a boat load of gear. The team at Axis Wake Research has built tunnels of storage throughout the boat, but some items require small spaces. The above engine storage would otherwise be wasted space in any other value-class boat. Axis has chosen to design a custom-fit ABS plastic bin that drops into a frame above the engine to store small, frequently accessed items that could get lost in the expanse of the rear storage areas. Ropes, wet suits, rash guards, vests, towels, etc. are great candidates for a spot in the Above-engine Storage Bin. And thanks to this storage areas proximity to the engine these items can be gently warmed to take the chill off a cool day.

AXray Kick Panels

Multi-purpose Axis design is present in every piece of the boat. The AXray Kick Panels add a cool-factor to the lounge with a blacked-out look and Axis-etched branding, but these panels also offer exterior storage visibility so you know where your gear is even before you need it. Add the optional Under-seat Colored LEDs and the kick panel cut-outs release a patterned glow begging for a disco ball and a fog machine. Look, function and style all centered on you, the rider.

Locking Glove Box

The Locking glove box provides nearly 2 cubic feet of secure storage for your personal belongings. Wallets, cell phones, glasses, iPods, your valuables are safe here.

Cruise Control

The Axis A22 motors off the line with speed control standard. Axis speed control can be set to respond to RPM or MPH and better yet, it's easy to use. But easy doesn't mean skimpy. This set-up welcomes the pull of a progressive cutting rider as well as a double-up loop. Axis speed control performs to extremes with making you work or it.

Shark Fin

A reverse dorsal design, the Shark Fin from Axis is stability and rock solid tracking. 60 square inches of surface area plunge deep into the water beneath the boat to hold a straight line even with a hard-cutting rider in tow. This fin also perpetuates sharp turns acting as a precise pivot-point.

FatAX Wakebard Tower

The FatAX tower is appropriately named. This tower is fat, not in the hip urban sense, it's really fat. The Tower hoop is made of oversized 3' tubing for quiet strength and a great look. The tower bases are billet aluminum and through bolted with backing plates beneath the deck to relieve stress. The base design is one-of-a-kind with stepped stylized voids engineered for form as well as function.

Swivel Seat

For those drivers who want to join the crowd, Axis Wake Research offers a swiveling driver's seat that rotates almost 180 degrees towards the lounge! This is great for chillin' while rafted up or even coaching.

Storage LED Lighting

Standard in every Axis Boat, the LED storage and side panel lighting is bright white. Emitting light from specifics locations, Axis boats are designed to illuminate every corner of the storage areas including the cup holder-filled side panels.